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Week 6 Semester 2

Our theme this semester is ‘Home’ and me response to the theme is a collaborative piece. My idea is to have a drawing of a character wearing traditional Welsh dress (relating to my home, Wales), with a blank skirt. I’d like to have people to come to the Takeover respond to a question about home on the skirt, by drawing a picture, writing a quote or writing something down using materials provided. The idea at the moment is to have more than one drawing with a different question on each picture. By the end of the project we should be able to see how diverse the answers are and just how expansive the theme of ‘Home’ is by asking members of the public what home means to them. I tried this idea with one picture after our week 5 session, which coincidentally fell on St. David’s Day. I enjoyed seeing people’s different responses to the question, “What does ‘Home’ mean to you?” and the colours the other students chose to express themselves with. Most people wrote down the things that mean home to them, but there were quotes and small illustrations as well as responses in different languages, which I really liked as a way of expressing something so personal.

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