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Week 6- Sarah Gibson

Occasionally loneliness is nice.

A thought that stuck with me during this week.

No classes for I.P this week as it is reading week. I was focusing a lot on my print making classes since there isn’t a reading week for them. I learnt a new technique: Collagraph printing, which I now really love and wanted to get as much out of it as I could.

This is my favourite collograph print so far. I find that the feel of this piece is both sad and lonely. Looking at it, it feels as though all the life has been sucked out of the forest.


Not only was I focusing on print, I got to focus a lot on my self directed project. I had the fabulous and talented Mike Varney kindly offer to be the cameraman. He got some really great shots and video footage of me out and about the town of Aberystwyth with my lonely top on. We got some beautiful reactions from the public and also a few hugs which was such a lovely contrast from the stares and people ignoring me.

Above is a bunch of screen grabs from the video clips Mike took.

Putting the black and white filter over the top of everything really helped me and the writing on my top stand out. I would also say that it really helped embody the loneliness as all the colour and life has been drained out of me.

Mike and I had a talk about the direction we wanted the filming to go. He mentioned taking a poetic approach to it. At first I was hesitant to it but we talked more about it and he made a small example edit for me to see if we were on the right page. I watched the edit and loved it. We got footage of me within SOA writing out some of my thoughts and recorded it as audio which he layered over the edit. There is still much work and changes we need to make, as well as more filming which we have scheduled for next week but now we have a solid idea which we just need to work on and progress. Once we have got enough filming, we can start on making the video.

This was the first person to offer me a hug. It put such a huge grin on both of our faces. This moment was quite spectacular as I feel like the hug wasn’t just for me but that this individual might’ve needed that hug too.
The sample edit to help see what direction I wanted to go.

I am so grateful to Mike for the big help he has been. He has a very keen eye and I look forward to working with him over these next few weeks with my project.

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