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Week 6 – Reading week (it wasn’t long enough)

Monday 7th, November – Sunday 13th, November

I started my reading week with the idea of relaxing and catching up with all three modules of this semester in general. During the summer holidays I noticed that it is important to have DO NOTHING kind of days and see those days as productive days because that time of mindfulness / mindlessness helps you to reset your mind and go back to your creative work with new and fresh state of self.

Documentation of days while I was practising the Art of Doing Nothing

During the reading week I made commitments with my colleagues to collaborate with them and spend a sufficient amount of time on these collaborated projects. I’m working as an actor/character in Sofia’s documentary. we did two days’ worth of work from 9 to 5 in the area of set building, costume making and shooting the establishing scenes for the documentary. I’m also working with Richard as a choreographer.

Documentation of my collaborations with other students on the course

I booked the CA project room space for Friday 9 to 5 but unfortunately, I was unable to do any experimentation on my self-led project since there were not enough lights to create more shadows. I went to the School of Art anyway and I used my booking for the CA projects room instead of wasting it. I went there with no plan at all and decided to do an old idea which I had during the summer of 2021 from my general IDEAS sketchbook. This work is untitled, meaningless, weird but liberating, freeing and refreshing at same time.

Documentation of untitled work in The Creative Arts Project Room

Documentation of experimentation in the Painting Project Room

Visual reflection

A brief visual journey of the evolution, experimentation and distillation of my project so far inspired by the repetitive everyday movements of everyday people around the globe.

Step by step documentation of my project so far

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