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Week 6 Reading Week – Becky


Monica Ghule

“Childhood memories remain etched in our subconscious. Almost every adult at some point wants to return to a child like state and have no responsibilities. Even if I can’t go back to my childhood, I can collect the memories from my time there” – Monica Ghule

Monica Ghule (b.1989) is an artist from Mumbai, India.. Ghule shows the joy of making paper planes out of paper. Representing the innocence of children being able to make a toy out of any object.

Ghule likes to portray her bond with her friends and family through her art. Ghule says painting childhood memories is a time filled with “wow” moments, in contrast to those “I can’t do this” and “I should know better” moments that we all have in adulthood.


For my project I have started attaching the clay sculptures onto my wooden slabs and arranging them into how I see the memories in my mind. I don’t want them too look perfect, but rather messy like they have been made by a child. I did not want to spend too much time on each one, but get them all made as I am envisioning them in my mind.

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