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Week 6 (reading week)

Workshop pitch presentation

Sound Workshop.pptx

To begin with this week, I created the presentation discussed in last week’s post that will be part of my workshop pitch in week 7. I expanded upon my initial thoughts from last week. I came up with the concept of “Identity through sound”, in which the individual will be tasked with creating a sound that reflects an element of their identity, created solely from objects found in the room on the day with the inability to prepare in advance.

This workshop and the challenges it faces reflect my frustrations during my project, involving the limitations I face in expressing my identity.

Additionally, I want to challenge the creative mindset of the class by preventing them from seeking out their usual artistic comforts as a form of expression, which I hope would allow them to develop a greater insight into themselves.

Video collage:

Concerning my project this week, I created the first video collage as an example of what my final piece will look like. Shown above is a culmination of the living room settings displayed in various mediums: sound, video, and a collage of traditional, digital and photographic elements. The result is a wide-ranging video-formatted collage that reflects the efforts and frustrations in establishing my identity that, as a result, causes a disconnect to my surroundings, pictured through a lack of definitive imagery for the audience encouraging confusion regarding what the living room is actually like.

The initial living room audio was around one hour and twenty-five minutes, which, of course, I acknowledged was impractical to be displayed with the intent of the audience to listen to it fully, so I spent an hour working through it with the challenge to cut it down to just ten minutes, highlighting my favourite parts. The result was a disjointed series of snippets of conversation with no evident blend into one another, which I consider a successful result as it works well with the fragmented, unorganised depiction of the rest of the piece. The lack of coordination in this piece makes all the opposing elements work so well with one another.

Next week, I intend to replicate the design of the video with the bedroom and pier settings and begin planning how they will all be displayed.

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