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week 6: Reading Week:

no IP class this week, but i still needed to think of a group project to pitch for next weeks class. this was a difficult process as i couldn’t figure out how to make an audio project into a group project without it becoming identical to what i pitched last semester. also with all my other modules having their deadlines for the 24th. i have been very worried about time management and how i will get everything done in time now that there are two IP presentations coming up as well.

personal project:

for the first part of the week i continued to think about how i can experiment with audio editing as i feel like it would make this project feel different to last semesters editing. last week i had looked at Duncan Speakman and how he cut his audio, something i really wanted to try for parts of this project. my main issue is that Audacity is very limited when it comes to the editing part. i have continued with the project on this software for now, but i am considering trying a new application and transferring the recordings to a new software with more options.

i was also thinking about maybe adding Norwegian audio after having listened to Ludwig Bergers work in german. i thought there was something very different hearing a language i personally dont understand, yet i could still get the mood of the audio. it would be interesting to see how the people at the Art Centre would react to my native language, mixed with english.

recording at home has been a strange process. i did some of it last semester, but it being my voice this time makes it seem so personal. my flat being able to hear my thoughts as i am recording, with cuss words and negative self talk they probably think i am going insane at this point. its strange feeling so exposed in my own safe space, and even stranger having my negative self talk around work played out loud at the Art Centre during The TAKEOVER this semester.

i did do some recording on Audacity this week, but sadly the software has frozen, making it hard to get the audio on to the notebook as of now.

artist reseach:

Florian Hecker: Event, Stream, Object:

Hecker creates sculptural sound installation like this sound object installed at Frankfurst Muesum of modern art in 2010. here speakers are hung from the ceiling with curved mirrors that changes how the sound travels in the room.

like my project this project also uses sounds of the outdoor, something that makes the project seem out of place. empty room with just electronics and mirrors, and sounds of everything, including bird sounds are being played. very interesting project. must see this in person if i ever get the chance to.

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