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During the reading week, I decided to go to London to visit my family and all the museums and galleries that I could, as I had been missing my city’s dose of art. One of my favorite exhibitions was the Cezanne at the Tate or the permanent collection at the National Gallery:

Having made sure to record a lot of footage beforehand, I was able to start editing the videos remotely from my laptop. It was a very nice week as I was able to combine editing my own art while being constantly inspired by the one of others. I started by editing the fast shots where the character tried to violently open the nut (begging of the movie). It was fun to play around with the cuts and the movement in order to create the fast-paced character that I’m looking for. These are some screenshots of the editing process:

So far this is how the edit is going:

Reading week was also really useful in order to think about my project, my life, and meeting deadlines. The last weeks I had been struggling trying to get everything done, as it is a massive project and I also have to take care of many other things. Reflecting on Miranda’s feedback from last weeks post I’ve decided to focus on creating various strong scenes of the movie rather than rushing the whole film and finishing it poorly. I have invested too much time to finish it uncarefully. I believe that if I tried to do all the filming and editing before the 10th week it would definitely not be the outcome that I have in mind, so I will edit and put together some scenes and record the rest of the footage so that I can edit it over the Christmas holidays properly and then hopefully showcase the final film in the Winter show. It has been a good learning experience for the future, as sometimes you just find yourself running in circles and have to be able to stop and rethink your structure and approach to the project in order to be able to enjoy the process and create good content.

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