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Week 6 – Reading Week


Following on from my last post I have started re-imagining the rainfall journey film I made and have started a new timeline. Focusing more on the poetic side of nature and the way ray interacts with the river etc.

This isn’t a priority but more of a side project for over Christmas. Notice how much nicer the natural color is on the framing compared to any over auto colour grading?

As my project this semester is photography based, I thought I’d share work I undertook from Saturday’s session on south beach near the harbour, this is for my photography module and is based on the idea of loneliness through landscape as a form of presence and place. Check it out:

These shots were all manual handled and all different exposure and shutter settings. Notice how each have a different mood all due to a simple tweak of the camera? I’m only showing these as it shows how far each of these modules have interlinked in terms of skill and handling of my mirrorless.


After reviewing the project so far I would say I am satisfied with the outcome so far, the only photos I need now are a selection from the main campus and potentially some more of SOA. I have reached 55 pages of photos and that’s more than I would have wanted originally. I will be looking into printing the book at the end of week seven for a prototype, throughout reading week I have been focusing on my other modules.

I have also been attempting successful collaborations with other students as I have always enjoyed working with another artist or artists. I approached Sarah and offered anything I was capable of to do with her project which interested me a lot. Today we met up for filming and got some interesting shots and have attempted a small edit with her confirmation and approval:

I have honestly been really happy with how these shots came out and I’m thankful to Sarah for having some free reign when it came to giving some input on shooting some of her film for her, next week we are going to continue as Sarah is happy with the results. Thanks Sarah!


Today I went to film my project for another module (creative documentary) and I started to notice how the things I’ve learnt through my photography for my I.P project has transferred to the filming process, a lot of these techniques I had learnt from last year even from my film studies module too. It all intertwines within media and film and it’s so cool to see the skills I’m learning transfer between each modules over the degree. Here are screen grabs from the film I shot today, this is for a poetic documentary style:

I also turned 28 today haha growing old!

I thought I would also show my progress for other modules such as photography from today too:


Upon reviewing and checking up on the project for this semester, I have decided to devote week 7 to gathering remaining photos of the Parry Williams building and some more of the SOA. Due to the nature of the printing time estimate, I will be sending of the book to be printed on the Thursday or Friday of week 7 to be printed in time for the end of week 8 (just to be sure). By the end of this work I should have at least 60 pages…I may also add poems I have thought about this semester to bulk the book up to a nice length but im not sure yet, I may just stick fully to a photo compilation for more cohesiveness.

In week 9 I will then prepare the proposal form with a physical copy in hand of the book, that way I can at least propose the project with an example of the completed work.

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