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Week 6 – Musical Keys

This week has been tough in terms of the filmmaking process, big surprise – it’s difficult!

What I have found now Is that after making music for the film, then overlaying and compiling the footage has made the process a lot more streamlined. In Logic Pro I have started making the basic elements of the track whilst envisioning what shots will come where in terms of the journey of the rainfall and the overall feel of the short film/music video.

The reading week was a disaster in terms of progress, spending basically the whole time in bed or the sofa taking lateral flows every so often at my girlfriends – it was very hard to work. It also meant that sadly no way of getting out to film more shots in the valleys and mountains, which is really really frustrating.

Screenshot of musical composition
Further view of composition

Once the composition is complete, it will then be a matter of compiling and overlaying the footage with further editing down the line.

Editing Audio

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