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week 6 – matthew hulse

people in motion going through a doorway
– group workshop –

I’ve been thinking about what I could possibly bring forward as a suggestion for a group project this whole week, but I have been finding it exceedingly mind-boggling. This was the general theme for most of my reading week until I realised it could be something both beneficial to me and the group.

Why not have a workshop that extends my own project but also gets others involved in it as well? That’s when I decided to extend Temporal Resonance (working title). It wouldn’t cost anything and all anyone would need is their phone. I would give a demonstration on how to take my ghost photos (provided I do some research on how to do it on other phones as I am using an iPhone); after which I would take everyone into town and set a meeting point. We would split off into groups of 2-3 and begin taking pictures. Later we would reconvene and discuss our favourite pictures we took, and give feedback on what could be done to either improve or expand people’s potential. Then we would discuss potential spaces we could take group pictures, and attempt to get some great shots. After all these pictures are taken, we would go back to the SoA and edit some of our favourites and show everyone.

The purpose of this workshop would be to get people to try something new if they have never endeavoured to try long exposure photography, but also for me to able to gather more content for my project. I’m not exactly sure on the timings for each segment of the workshop, but I’m sure I will have figured them out by the time I need to present.

I have also been looking into this Pecha Kucha style of presentation. 20 slides and 20 seconds on each of them. It sounded easy at first, but when I actually got into making the presentation I found it quite difficult to meet the 20 slide mark. My idea is relatively simple, and if the point of the Pecha Kucha is to not dilly-dally and get to the point surely I have done a good job in summarising all the details in around 13 slides, no?

– first proposal form –

Having to complete this form this week made me really think about what I want to do with the TAKEOVER. Thankfully I have a good grasp on where my project is going. I think that the best place to show my pictures would be in Gallery 1, but the idea of them being scattered in the Arts Centre is appealing. I just feel that if they were all grouped together they would make a more striking display, rather than having them all over the place.

I think I have quite a good amount of pictures that are ready for the TAKEOVER, but I think I could get some more when I go back home over Easter. (Very devastated that I have leave to come back to uni in the middle of Orthodox Easter… all that food I won’t be having :(((… ) I’m thinking something like the metro station near my house, and then in the centre of Athens… we’ll see.

– small ideas –

So I’ve been thinking where else I could take ghost pictures of crowds as I haven’t been able to find a suitable composition up until now. What if I tried to take some pictures from a night out. I think they could be very interesting and maybe even more spooky then the others I have taken up till now. Maybe colour in this situation might be more striking than B&W, but that is to be determined when I have obtained the pictures!

All in all a slower week than others. I think I just needed time to think about the direction of the project and its capabilities for exhibition. Having had this time to reflect has been beneficial I think. Now I look forward to the group workshop proposals…

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