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Week 6.

This week was reading week so I used the time to catch up on my outstanding work across my modules as well as to go into the next weeks with a fresh and determined mindset.

Building on my experiments I wanted to look at the materials I use and all the paper types, and then I realised that I had a collection of wallpaper samples I had been saving for a project such as this. The samples I had collected were from friends and most from a charity shop back home in Gloucestershire. I think the use of wallpaper could be interesting as it includes mixed patterns and textures which could make impressive feathers or any layering in my sculpture.

I researched the history of wallpaper and found it is something is in some ways undermined as an art form due to its mass production however its familiar presence in many home makes it a way in which people of all background can enjoy art in their home. I very interesting article can be found on which looks at these ideas I more depth.

The photo above shows an example of some of the mixed patterns and textures in my collection. The first (far left) is very bright and graphic, the one next to it has a glitter and velvet texture, the one after that is more plain and simple however there are some glitter pieces, and finally the last has a very matt finish with lots of detailing.

After my troubles building in my experiment I have bought some PVA glue in the hopes it will fix my issue.


During this time i had alos been creating the plan for my group workshop porposal. I have attacthed a link where you can view the powerpoint as well if you please. To summaries i have suggested a litter pick around the school of art to boost the community and make us all more considerate of our enivironmental footprint through th eidea of nomadic trash.

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