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Can’t sleep even though I made a point of going to bed earlier.

That constant pressure of doing stuff, like Abidish pointed out when I was not stopping taking photos.


Kelsey finally gets let out and parties, has to do interviews or whatever next day. But wants to write a song. Sings it half drunkenly. Comes up with the ukelele tune that niamh wrote?

Have me recorded just lying in bed not being able to sleep. Long take on my face. 

Some things just not able to be staged, just narrate them.

Madonna saying shes not allowed to go out. The pressure of a long constant tour.

And then if you party as well.

Imagine if the management kept you locked inside/curfew 

Stage that as the audience fans dancing to your music as a live performance and then Kelsey looks from outside on one screen, close up looking throw a window, and then layer in dancing and partying fans.

They locked her in. and made her write a song. 


  • Moves forward to grab the star, hand forward
  • Arms swaying 
  • Phone on as torchlight 
  • Coming together for a Moshpit, starting together and crushing in
  • By the end if you‘re sweaty, that’s also part of it, shake your clothes
  • Rub the sweat off your face
  • In Trance, murmuring the lyrics (bring some
  • Screaming lyrics
  • Fainting
  • Actions of Anticipation
  • When it’s over, not Just the sweat, 

1 thought on “WEEK 6”

  1. This text needs contextualising Richard – give some indication of what it is connected to – a new short film sequence? is it creative writing or notes for yourself? what is it a plan for? try to make these notebook posts a little more cohesive for both yourself and the readers, you might want to refer to these posts in the future, will you know what these notes refer to in 3 years time? think about that when you compose them. Also don’t forget all the other elements that these posts are meant to contain – studio activity, experimentation, reflection and research. Summary – keep expanding the content and frame the content.

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