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Reading Week

My reading week was stressful personally with everything going on so an update on my work

I started to draw on most night trying to document my work

I ended up with this outcome and I was very pleased with it – felt like I’m onto something and I wished to continue it

The project revolves around my daily life – its based-on memory drawing. My work is based on the concept of dear diary but an illustrated version.

The illustrations are drawn at night after the whole day with some light music and tea

some examples :

This piece was the hardest to do, and i ended up taking a break it’s a little different from the rest as I was followed on my way home one day at night and approached from the back – I was scared and felt unsafe at that point my heart was rushing my mind was all over the place making me think quick as I could – called my fried secretly for help and the second she came he left making an excuse. It scares me as I felt unsafe in a place i’ve been calling home.

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