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Week 6


During this week, I mainly focused on editing my photos. I like the black and white edits, it makes this photos feel retro, like you don’t really know when they were taken. It also gives a bit more of a soul to them in my opinion. The idea for the exhibition is still the same, but I was thinking how to add something more interesting, something more personal… 

The first thing that came into my mind was adding a video on top of the exhibition by projecting it. I made a quick video of something that it could look like. I would probably edit it, make it faster or maybe black and white or reverse it.

Another idea is to maybe add some sounds to the exhibition? Something personal… maybe breathing? 

After the tutorial, I feel like I’m lost. I don’t know what to do with that project. The pictures are not personal enough, there aren’t many pictures of people from close distance, and it’s true it’s not really a street photography… so the question is what am I supposed to do now? Should I change a subject? Should I completely change the project? Should I keep trying? 

Maybe I should change a subject of my photos, instead of journey in people around us, maybe it should be about journey through the day, my everyday journey and about during that I observe and see different situations, something that other people wouldn’t look at, something they wouldn’t stop by to take photo off… I don’t know for now, I’m lost and scared that I won’t have a project at the end of semester. I’m trying to think and create, but it feels like my journey through this semester is a tough one. 

I will keep on trying to take photos of people. Maybe I wasn’t trying enough, maybe It’s something that I need to keep on pushing until it will be easier, and I will be able to see some interesting results. I think there is just this barrier in my head and I feel awkward by taking pictures of random people from so up close. 

I will still proceed to take a picture, but I need to start thinking about maybe some other solutions. I tried to edited one of the photos in a more unconventional way. I like it, but I don’t think this is the way I will take. 

The topic of people is what got me at the begging. The journey that they are going through. There is something interesting about it. I don’t know them they don’t know me, but we all have our journeys, our stories… 

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