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Week 6

Interdisciplinary 5

A change of pace

In my photography lesson last week, I was reminded of an option of printing photographs from negatives by using the digitisation process. This has made me change my mind on the process of how I have been digitising the photos for this short film/slideshow for the hypothetical. So this week I will be trying to essentially complete the photo aspect of this project as I have a new module starting in week 7 and is a heavy module to be completed in 3 weeks.

So far I have been taking my 35mm film, developing, enlarging and printing into paper. From now on I will be digitising the negatives using a 35mm film scanner in the SOA Mac suite – this will make my photos much clearer and sharper for the film. As so far I have been using the flat bed scanner for the darkroom prints.

Overall this will modernise the project and make the photos much more profound and clear. Especially as the original process I was undertaking was taking far too much time just to digitise my prints.

During the reading week I have been editing and finalising the shots from home that I digitised – as I am re-editin the ones I had already done but now digitised, this can take a while. But I actually find it relaxing. This consists of remove dust and hairs that may have landed on the lens. There is also a question of contrast and brightness, this is usually what you would achieve using the enlargers in the darkroom but as I do not need prints and this is going to be a film, I only need to digitise and edit on my Mac. Below is the procedure:

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