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Week 6


The first week of shooting passed and I thought that this will be enough time to shoot my time-lapse video but I don’t seem to be close to the end. The flowers aren’t drying as fast as I thought they would so I will be shooting for another week.
During this week we also had to submit our first proposal form, which is so stressful because I’m not sure how my project will turn out and how will I install it, so it puts a lot of pressure on me. At the same time, it also made me think more about what this project is really about.
The traditional still life composition as I said before has so much symbolism in it and dying flowers similarly to drying fruit are often a representation of the transient nature of our existence. I started to think about our existence and the shortness of it and how often we waste time, worrying about our future or past while the moment is now, we have one life (probably) on this planet so there is no time to waste because at one point it will all end and you do not want to regret anything.
So while thinking about all of that I started to read about the existence in philosophy.

Existentialism was a trend in the philosophy of the 20th century.
The foundations of existentialism were laid in the 19th century by Kierkegaard, then this trend was developed by the German trick of Martin Heidegger around 1930 and grounded in philosophy by Karl Jaspers.

The subject of research on 20th-century existentialism was the individual existence of man and his role and place in the world.

The main idea of existential philosophy is the assumption that the human being, as the only one, has an impact on who he is. Thanks to making choices, he can express his freedom, which he is not only entitled to but which he is condemned to and cannot escape from. This freedom is therefore a necessity and at the same time an indicator of humanity.

Existentialists also reject the view that essence (the essence of things) determines existence. They believe that there is nothing permanent or definite in existence that can determine its fate. According to them, it is the existence that precedes essence, not vice versa. Every human being is endowed with consciousness and unique subjectivity. No one is born human but becomes one and shapes humanity. The human being is therefore a primal fact and does not come from any idea.

People are influenced by other people. They form the existence of an individual, which causes him to lose part of his authenticity and naturalness. The roles assigned by society also work in the same way. Therefore, human existence is fragile and threatened, which makes life saturated with care and fear.

The First Proposal From – The TAKEOVER 2023

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