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This week has been reading week which means that we haven’t had classes but I have continued editing my film independently.

After creating the structure of things to work on last week I have mainly been invested in designing the new start of the movie that I want to rerecord and figuring out how I am going to construct the idea I have in mind. In the end, I have decided that I will record close-ups of different body parts of Abidish and unite all of them edited in one whole composition that will act as a moving collage. To do so I will also have to take into account the other body parts when recording all of them separately and calculate the timings where they are going to enter into other frames in order to correlate all the videos at the same time.

On the other hand, I have also been editing the morning scenes of Abidish waking up with the nut, trying to figure out wether I like them best with overlapping or without. Here is a video of the options:

Finally I have also been looking at the falling scenes and playng around with what I include and if I still want to keep them slowmo. I am in the process of trying to deromaticise the film so I have put the recordings of the falling scenes back to their initial velocities. I tried how it would look to make a composition of stills but I prefered it in the original way.

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