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Week six – Planning takes time.

This week was reading week, so I spent the time working more towards The Takeover!


With the first deadline approaching i decided to really think about HOW I was going to display my paintings in the takeover event, traditionally paintings would be hung on the walls however, I can’t do that. So I decided to find a creative solution that I felt reflected the work.


As the first proposal from was due the start of the following week, I needed to think more about how I can display my paintings in the art centre. I struggled to find a creative solution, I knew that I couldn’t hand my canvas’s and I don’t want to silly prop them up against the wall. I thought that maybe using plinths in a sculptural way may help, creating different level platforms/ rests for the canvas’s, but also I could create an eclectic environment that could match the paintings energy. I know that they are fairly easy to move, I’ve worked with the previously and I liked them however, this plan is very reliant on the availability of the plinths and the safety rules of the art centre.

To continue my timed painting experiment, I decided to paint two smaller 10 minute exercises, this week also developed further to be an experiment with framing. I previously painted and framed the egg (1) last semester and I felt that with the two new paintings a mini series had been made. As I’ve been experimenting with the idea of using plinths I think these chunkier free standing farms may be a smart move for my smaller works. I have one more small white frame which I plan to fill another week.

On another note, stemming from my research into ADHD behaviours, I have been working on a reward system for myself to help encourage me to paint. For example this week I had a square of chocolate for every task I completed, I’m thinking my next experiment could be more goal orientated on a larger scale. For example if I keep to my schedule for the week I can buy myself a new pair of shoes.

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