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Week 6 – Balancing the weight


Today’s talk from Joanne was again welcomed and very helpful in terms of careers and prospects etc I now know I can re take my maths GCSE through lifelong learning and for free! Amazing. And its also worth looking into prospects, screen and sound, BBC creative hub and the other links mentioned.

in the lesson we presented our pecha presentations, I unfortunately only had 17 slides as I couldn’t think of anything else to properly talk about when it came to the pitch. But I feel that it went well enough considering.

After everyone’s pitches we all voted for which project we would like to undertake, I voted for Katy’s as I was intrigued by the death butterflies. It came down to a 3 way tie and funnily enough I won after a final vote. So this will be the 3rd group workshop I will be leading and planning… it’s great but I would of loved to of seen other peoples ideas flourish like my past ones have had the opportunity too.

Below is my script / cards for the pecha presentation:

1. Hello everyone and welcome to my group project proposal for year 2, semester 2, creative arts. The following will be my pitch of a proposal for the group project workshop. This pitch will outline my ideas influences and overall goal.

2. So for this semester, the theme is time. So going along with that theme, I started to research and brainstorm potential ideas for a workshop involving our group. Following is the artist research I conducted whilst brainstorming.

3. So the first research I carried out is actually based on a video I remember on YouTube from years ago, this is the musical instrument, Marble Machine by Wintegadan which uses 2000 marbles. This stood out to me regarding this project as the pitched idea because it requires the use of cogs and turning with your hands. Which co-insides with the project I will pitch shortly.

4. As he winds the mechanisms, the marbles fall and creates suspended rhythms alongside his playing of the instruments attached. The speed in which he’s winding the Marble Machine, allows the correct time signature to play out as it requires a certain amount of keeping in time with the song.

5. The 2nd artist or project that led to the idea of this pitch was actually more of an inspiration from a music video from one of my favourite bands from the past. This video is called Clockwork by the metal band Chelsea Grin. This video essentially discuses the theme of how a person can literally watch as time eats them alive with the ides that they had wasted it, with regret.

6. The video plays out as if the clockmaker is literally spending his days making clocks to the point where time has slipped passed him from his youth, to him dying on his workbench without being able to react. The reason behind this inspiration is what we will find out in the next few slides, coming to the project section

7. So this comes to my project idea – which is simply for us to make a winding mechanism including multiple cogs and lever. Basically making a simple clock mechanism that could lead to working with a rod that can control moving rod that can indicate and point to a certain time of the day.

8. Once we have built the cogs, we will then place them on a matt with multiple holding rods so that they can successfully turn with each push of the lever. All the cogs and applicable parts we will make will be made out of cardboard, sellotape etc.

9. So let’s now move onto what will happen on each of the three hours of the workshop. Hour 1 will helm the introduction snd planning of the simple clock. Then the drawing up on the cardboard sheets that will then be needed to be cut out and stuck together with sellotape. The rest of the first hour will be making sure we get everything made up.

10. Hour 2 will be the continuation of the production line, this sort of take, as long as we all are present, will take around 2 hours to get everything made and working to the working standard. The cogs will have to move together correctly and fit together in order to work properly, as you all know

11. At the start of hour 3 will then start to place all of the cogs down in place on the cardboard rods. This is very experimental and may not work on the first try, so it’ll be more of a test. Once we are satisfied with the mechanism working correctly, we will then move on to the final assembly. Then moving on to the filming of the clock being turned and used.

12. So you’re probably wondering why I would want us to make a clock. Well apart from the theme of Time, I wanted to see how as a group we can correspond to each others craftsmanship skills regarding the cogs. These cogs have to work together well, so this will show if we can follow suit, which I believe we have done in the past and can.

13. If this is successful we can then Bring the ‘clock’ to the takeover and present it which ever space we feel necessary. I was thinking of having it behind the counter at the entrance or somewhere in the lobby. Atendee’s can then look or try out the mechanisms etc. for however long they would like. It’s also something we can keep around in the future potentially.

14. The way this links to my individual project its honestly just the way it is a physical and or interactive process of using materials to create something lasting. My project uses a lot of paper, cardboard etc. and has essences of time scattered throughout. So I felt that in line with my project snd the takeover, a physical clock made sense to me. This is a prop I have made for the project, with the narrative at the takeover the prop makes sense with the theme of time.

15. Ill quickly explain more of my individual project for more context of the last slide – I am going to be presenting a world frozen in time where a traveller has a field sketchbook and has brought it back from the said world. His thoughts and reactions are scattered throughout this book as well as sketches of the world he was transported too. This is a quick sketch of one of the devices he comes across, which may or may not be turned into a physical object at the takeover.

16. So this was my project proposal for the group workshop. Whilst I finish I have put up other photos from my personal project to look at but I feel that the reasons behind why this proposal could be a worthwhile experience is due to the faith I have in us a team to create something lasting. The past workshops have all been really successful and this could lead to quite a big reward in terms of scope.

17. If anyone has any questions or would like more information, please ask away.


During documentation of Miranda’s amazing performance at the arts centre, I started drawing more. This time I again start to implement my surroundings into the drawings, or attempting too. Below is the result from today, this was done over hours between documentation:

Inside the tower

Hopefully you can see but I have tried to implement the walls into the doors/entrance of the lunar tower. This will have some more details added soon, it also has the crystal pillars from the previous page of the sketchbook.

I am really busy at the moment, so I am going to push the prop making to the easter holidays as I have other deadlines and work. So that will see some major production. Until then I will continue to add drawings from my mind into the book.


More drawings from today and a revolution on the idea of the world that the traveller has been transported to. He will find out in time that the world has been frozen time due to them not being able to sustain global warming. So the people that once lived there or other beings would rather have their world stopped instead of being ruined by their own mistakes. This idea came within me today after a chat I had with Dee about global warming the previous day, and also developed further after I was drawing the dried up Mississippi River into my own style in the sketchbook.

These drawings were made today during my documentation of miranda’s performance/drawings again, more detail will be added soon:

Dried up river


Over the weekend I have been looking over my sketchbook and fine tuning all of the drawings to make them look as best as possible. I also have prepared my presentation for tomorrow based on my word which was belief. Below is a screen grab of the start of it from earlier:

To end the week I have also been reflecting on my personal growth since the start of first year, we are coming towards the end of semester 2 in year 2 and this septemember will be the home stretch for me as 3rd year. I am extremely proud of myself and this semester has proven to me that I can definitely experiment more in my work and come out with ideas straight from my imagination – this was a hard thing for me to do as the start of first year. All the workshops, leading workshops, other modules and my own work has all culminated into a new way of thinking, which is literally creating art directly from my mind and heart, not just to follow a brief. It has been an amazing experience so fr and I am looking forward to year 3.

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