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Week 6

During this week I had to go to Poland. I saw my family and they are also a part of my project which is exciting. But unfortunately, I got quite ill in Poland so this week had been rough. When I came back I couldn’t get out of my bed so I didn’t have a chance to develop a film from week 5 and this week. So I thought that I will focus on some research and planning. The more theoretical part of my project.

I thought that I should start by choosing one photo for the themes that I already have.

Nature (I couldn’t find the scanned photo)

I like the contrast between nature and the wall, it’s like nature coming out of our modern world, connecting. It’s like there are two sides to our world, the natural one and the built concrete modern world. Together they emerge and make one piece, showing both. Two sides, so different yet captured together.


I like the symmetry in it. It sounds simple and it is, two sides and a door in the middle, the pathway, the little fence. I’m looking at the bricks and the colours in them, I’m thinking about different shades going from white through grey and to black. It all works together, it’s a simple yet beautiful “dairy cottage”. Who lives there? Who will open the door?

People/street photograph

Very simple, with not much background yet I love it. The question starts going through my head. Where is he going? Where is he looking? Is he meeting someone? Crossroad. Which way? Which path? And the stop sign.


In my notebook, while looking back at the photos that I already scanned I started to write some narratives, thoughts- actually whatever came to my mind. And to be honest I didn’t think that the results will be so good. I just let myself get lost in these photos, and find something in them. The narratives are quite capturing. They’re giving me even more, to think about.

So with that narratives, I feel like I have two options either add them somewhere on the film of all of the photos or do something different. I think that I would like the viewer/audience to not know which description is about which photo. I don’t think it’s necessary and I think it makes it more interesting if it would be random- thoughts will be thrown around a room, just floating in the space, like thoughts in my head.

“Narrative” by Cassie Sullivan

When I started to think about adding some narrative to my piece I tried to find some artists that did something similar and then I found “Narrative” from 2020, made by Cassie Sullivan. It’s an amazing piece of work. “Narrative” is 100 thoughts written by a typewriter on small paper squares. Each piece of paper is hung individually in space and it created a forest of thoughts. Pieces sway in reaction to the movement around them. People interact with this installation and lose themselves in the sea of noticing, memories, anxieties and hopes. She allows the visitor not only to interact with her artwork but also to take a piece of it home.

“As someone pulls a piece away, I become instantly curious about how our lives and thoughts could interact without knowing each other. I want to ask people what piece they held, why they noticed it, what it means to them but mostly I leave them to their intimate moment with a piece of paper and text.” -Cassie Sullivan

I fell in love with this piece, it’s so beautiful. She created a forest of thoughts that people can visit, interact with and relate to. And that piece gave me an idea of how to install my narratives. I think I will write each one of them on a separate piece of paper and then hang them around the project room. The floating narratives, projection of the scanned photos and the developed photos will make an amazing installation of the artistic thought process. The invitation to my headspace.

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