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Week 6

Reading Week

-Aim is to get on top of the blog posts

-Create Audio Works

-Work on sound quality

-borrow equipment

-consider how this project may look for the arts centre

Truthfully the week didn’t start well and I was sick for fairly large parts of the week.

-Unfortunatley catiching up on the blog did not happen

-Audio Work some successful recording were made although not of the sophistication that I had ideally hoped for. I had to take long recordings and then edit them. Some of the recordings were done with a zoom mic others were done just with phone audio and none were done in ideal situations.

-I gave some thought as to how the project could look. I really like the idea that the project could be in defferent locations of the art centre perhaps my piece could be different audio of a bike that blends into the complete work. Perhaps a bike of some type could be on display at the arts centre ? Perhaps this could be in the foya.

Completed Workshop Audio

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