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This session was a workshop run by Miranda where we experienced time in different ways. The session further proceeded to write and solidify our project and embark on how far we’ve come, for me it was a really positive exercise as it gave me a clearer image to where I am at what I have done and how I can push forward. 

We started focussing on our senses. In this session we touched time. We smelt Time. We could sense it pass by. Listen to it. 

We started to reconnect with earth in different ways.

We touched earth, mud – We smelt earth – leaves, we heard it – meditation

During the break I went to the back of our building to put my feet in the cold soil to further my experience and connection with myself and nature. It took me back to cool mornings in India when I use to go play in the parks with my parents as a child.

To see yourself, feel your natural authentic face while a meditation session I took these portraits –

As I struggle to look at myself and see anything aside marks, scars, spots, pigmentation, blotches, fat – This was a big step for me.

my notes

That is how I feel.

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