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week 5 workshop two

Pictures of workshop two


Week five was the second phase of brainstorming about group project and pitch. I produced ideas around homelessness, displacement and refugees. The core idea I came up with was witnessing the displacement of different objects and preserving the trail they leave behind. The idea became even more simple and beautiful after discussing with Miranda, refining and reducing unnecessary processes.

I got the reply about my 3D printing request. 

Hi Abidish 

I’m afraid we’re not able to do this – it’s quite time-consuming to do printing and at the moment we’re relying on staff from computing and physics to run the machines. This means we will run off small individual pieces, however multiple prints and large prints are difficult for us to fit in. 

I’m assuming that you have asked in the art department already, although I’m slightly surprised there isn’t a printer there for this sort of thing. 

Suggestions: This group is for people who do tech stuff in the local area

and there are sometimes people requesting prints on there, you could see if anyone is able to do it. 

Otherwise, there are several online shops who’ll print things and post them out to you. 

Good luck, and sorry I can’t be more help – 

what next?

I will try to find some other ways, but I’m also considering changing my plan about printing 3D miniature houses/HOME.  

I’m thinking about using Shadows / Origami. 

Pictures of Experimentation. 

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