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Week 5 – Experimentation and Distillation

Monday 31st, October – Sunday 6th, November


Documentation of my experimentation work in week 5

Set up 1 (2 lights)

Experimentation with lighting

Set up 1 (2 lights)

Moving around to see how the shadows work

By doing the same movement while facing the different directions helped me to understand what works and what doesn’t from the viewer’s point of view. For example, by looking at this recorded video I decided that facing the wall doesn’t work as well as the other three directions which are facing left, right and front (looking directly into camera).

Set up 1 (2 lights)
Set up 2 (reducing the number of objects)
Set up 2 (close up)

During this experimental session I realised that I needed more sources of light to create more shadows. On the same day I found out that of four lights two of the lights were not working so I needed to reorder them, through our technician Phil.

Set up 3 (only 1 light)


I did research on YouTube to understand the physics of light so that I can create more shadows.

Later in the week, while I was using the creative art studio for the second time, I managed to collect four working lights from the School of Art’s workshop. In the final experimental session, I managed to create three shadows.

Set up 4 (4 lights)

During that session I realised that by increasing the number of lights I’m losing the strength or the darkness of the shadow on the wall, so I need to find a solution to overcome this problem.

Set up 4 (4 lights)


In my second experimental session I also decided to reduce the number of objects in my work so it will be easier for viewers to understand the artwork. I managed to create three shadows, but my goal is to create eight shadows. It’s because I feel eight shadows are difficult to count, compared to three or five shadows on the wall. Eight also represents the number of working hours in everyday life of a labourer. I also think eight shadows are aesthetically more pleasing then 2 – 3 shadows.

Class work

Brainstorming session with an object (Box)

This week the class question was, what kind of box you feel like you are?

My answer was “I feel like I am an IKEA box, a clear box without any complex printed patterns or design. I contain one simple identity or logo which is carefully placed in the middle of my box body that represents my brand in a simple, sleek way, The Efficient way.”

Conclusion or the idea after the brainstorming session

I kept me/my box as simple as IKEA box. One simple representation of my brand, which is unique and striking to look at, unique as my fingerprints and striking part is the red colour. My box is painted and printed in red with my body parts and the fluid flow of the red paint pulled by gravity.

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  1. This is a great blog and really useful set of experiments with lighting and made me realise this is an area I need to explore more. Loved how you photo-document the class that again is something I need to think about. Thank you.

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