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Week 5- Language in the mundane

During this week I’ve tried to focus on how to give my documentary a more artistic and creative approach. Thinking about what I wanted my final documentary to be, I’ve realized that I was tending to a much more advertising approach that I visualized in my head and intended on following.

In the second human flow workshop, we were asked to explore the materiality of the last workshop and to take into account every sensorial input in the studio. We then wrote lists of names that came to mind and later cut them and stuck them on the walls.

By carrying out this exercise of intensive sensorial perception, I realized that language is everywhere, we can create lists of words from the most mundane things. This made me give a critical overview of my project that culminated when after the class I came across the poem “Words” by Jane Hirshfield.

This poem made me realize the power of language, the way it defends whoever expresses it. This thought gave me the insight to give the project a much more personal approach, focusing on giving that power to every individual that appeared in the film not just as an overall message and intention of it.

To start I decided to apply this to myself as a test run and a way of empowering myself at the same time. Watching a sunset, I decided to write a poem about it. Twisting a mundane image and routinary thing into the image of the whole universe chasing after my eyes. A very enriching exercise to do, to turn what surrounds you into your stage through words.



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