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Week 5 ~ Katy Nelson

This week:

Vanitas Paintings:

Allegory of Vanity’,

Antonio de Pereda y Salgado, 1632-1636, Kunsthistoriches Museum Wien

‘Allegory on Human Life’

Joris Van Son, 1658-1660, The Walters Art Museum Maryland

‘Banquet Still Life’

Adriaen van Utrecht, 1644, oil on canvas, 186 x 243cm, Rijks Museum, Amsterdam


Tattoo Location on the Body as the ‘Site’…

Tattoo Symbolisms:

1 thought on “Week 5 ~ Katy Nelson”

  1. Hi Katy, good to see your notebook up to date. Well done. In both week 4 and 5 you’re developing your idea well and are showing some good research. To develop, make sure you cite your sources – show the reader where you are getting your information from, and what sources you’ve been consulting to gather your research. You have a clear idea which is interesting and well articulated in your week 4 posts. Moving forwards, leave time to reflect on your creative rationale. Why are you doing this? What is the significance of this project? Your research into the symbolism of the body and tattoo’s is relevant and interesting. Now, the time is for creative experimentation. Can you show the practical, hands on creative experiments you’re doing? Focus on your practice now your idea is clearer and set up. Be sure to show research / reflection and experimentation. Leave time to really immerse yourself in drawing and test tattooing over the next few weeks, and leave time to research and develop your workshop idea for the pecha kucha presentation in week 7. Overall, very good research and reflection, with space to lean into and deep dive into your practice as you start to bring the project into production.

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