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Week 5 – Hiccups / Progress


Project came to a complete standstill over the weekend, due to feeling unwell again. Something that can’t be helped I guess, but today will helm more process in the evening as I am starting to feel better. With the footage so far I have chosen to implement a cute intro showing the building oft he set itself to add some interesting meta.

The gif below shows some glitches due to the processing of blackboard, the final result is a lot more sharp and smooth but the green screen is effective enough and can be changed if necessary to suit the scene.

Below is the progress from Friday (GIF):

Thankfully though due to the quick nature of the application and the mini space I have setup the progress will still be quick over the coming weeks to make up for the lost time this week.


Whilst editing and directing in the mother module for making short films and through the previous module studying film last semester, I realised the power of certain shots (medium, close up, over shoulder etc.) these shots and experience I have learned/gained will be put into the film shown here.


More film frames have been made, I feel going forward I may make my own soundtrack for the film in post production as I still haven’t hard word back about using the Freshly Ground track. One thing I have learnt so far is the major factors involved within the minimum frames needed. It is hard doing fluid animation with such small figurines, in major productions you would have figurines of a larger scale for more precise movements etc. but as I cannot afford to buy mounds of clay this choppy but narrative style will have to do.

Below is the progress made (120 frames, 20 seconds). (please be aware this footage is sped up due to gif format)

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