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WEEK 5 (week 6 reading week) – DEE MATTHEWS – FIGHT

Well weekend filming didn’t happen as each day was cold and grey. On Monday the weather cheered last minute and as Eddie had charged his camera we went out for an experimental fight scene. Ben the Male Humanity actor had not been able to attend the last three planned get togethers because of family commitments with a new baby, so we thought we’d give this a go.


My Dad taught me to box as a kid and my late friend Dai had trained me in a little MMA, but that was 10 years ago pre-surgery. Everyone was worried I wouldn’t be able to balance, or my heart would pack up. To be honest it pushed me to my physical limits. I fight south paw so I stood on my left leg, my right one is fairly useless and the joint bleeds into the knee so we had to be extremely careful. It was the multiple practice runs that took it out of me, but we got it done. The rear naked choke was the most difficult for me because I couldn’t get my balance and ended up getting choked out, very painful. Still there is something in the can now and it’s started.

Film Stills

I got on with the art audit and I now have a stand and lighting set up.

Lighting set up for Art Audit

I also put together a short to look at the deconstructed transitions which I like.

Art Audit Transitions

Glo and Humanity appeared in their first short animation so again that was a milestone reached.

Glo and Humanity

Inspiration wise I went to Toby Wills-Hart opening and as always had some great conversations about paint and painting, more of that in the workshop P.K. no doubt.

Toby’s Exhibition

I also got to talk with Giles Bennett and see his latest work Nature’s Algorithms which is sponsored by Disability Arts Cymru DAC and the Wales/Venice fund. So it was a chance to talk about process, inspiration and funding as well as meet up with other fellow DAC members and we are planning another get together soon.

Nature’s Algorithms

I submitted the Arts Centre Proposal form and made a start on my Art thesis so all told a productive week.

Art Thesis Abstract

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