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Week 5 – Compilation / Paper ideas

This week I have started the video editing process of the short film whilst laying out a basic plan in my head for how I should write the mini score to accompany and exaggerate each shot. The short film is being processed within the application DaVinci Resolve, this editing suite is fantastic as it’s user friendly and good for beginners. Each shot has had partial colour grading, stabilising and some some difference in time alterations for cinematic effect. The soundtrack should not be too overwhelming as it’s more to emphasise the shots and not take away from the shots itself.

The recording of my short poem will be featured at the start of the film which I have recorded this week through Logic.

Problems have cropped up this week as I haven’t been able to gather more shots due to the overly harsh weather, meaning it would be harder to film and climb terrain. I fear a bad flu may be coming to me as well, but we will have to see how the next few weeks unfold.

Overall for this week the film is coming along nicely, next week the soundtrack to accompany should be started also.

Media Pool

Editing Process
Compiling Footage


Creation of the project on paper.

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