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Week 5 – Becky


In this weeks workshop, Miranda gave us a bag of soil to sit with and feel in our hands while listening to some videos to try and clear our minds and not stress too much about our projects. Just to focus on what we already have done and reflect on that. We were given till rolls to then write down our thoughts on our projects, like a brain dump and then to plan our workshop ideas.


Lorien Stern

Lorien Stern is an artist living in Inyokern, California, in a small town in the western Mojave Desert. She makes ceramic art, home goods and accessories. Her goal is to make people feel happy and remember a time of happiness when looking at her artwork.

She received her BFA from California College of the Arts in 2013 as an Individualized Major

Stern creates playful and colourful ceramic sculptures. She takes things she considers scary or sad like Sharks, snakes, bats and ghosts, and transforms them with colour and pattern until they bring happiness and start to look quirky.


This week I took time of from working on the project and spent it looking at artists for inspiration and catching up on other modules.

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