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Week 5 – A new mindset


Been an interesting few weeks, I truly have felt like a student and been part of a cognitive machine that pumps out creativity. I try to post something everyday but today I didn’t have university so I didn’t mange to plan around photos properly. It’s incredible how we can grow as individuals, the other day I went on my first ever run and it made me realise something – old habits can die hard…but its up to the individual and the mindset to approach this. I have been approaching the modules within my degree with the most upmost professional attitude I can muster, as this is my last shot at education and I want make it stick.

I can honestly say that in regard to my project this semester I have been trying to put as much a humanly possible within my time limits, I think the results are beginning to prove this and it feels so rewarding. Knowing that the effort is paying off and leading to something special in the process. By Christmas the book is going to be huge, more than 50 pages of photos, maybe even nearing 100 pages of photos, its so cool!

Anyway here are some notable photos from the other day that I forgot, these were taken from outside the classroom:


I’m not sure if I mentioned last week but the project is based on the viewpoint of my own perspective of the everyday. So whilst I am trying to photograph as many people as I can, it’s not the main goal as that sets too broad of a rule when I have set my own rules. I also decided last week that I would include Parry Williams as well as the SOA as its part of my everyday and was last year too. Since I have my studies there too.

As stated this is my own personal photographic viewpoint. Font and design isn’t final..

I also appreciate help when it comes from tutorials/sources but it goes against my original rule which is not to plan or set up the photos. The photos need to be in the moment and more unexpected leading to them feeling more natural, yes it’s more difficult this way but I believe rules are important when it comes to certain projects.

Didn’t have much time for photos today as the building was closing but managed to get some during a class, if in the next few weeks I cannot get suitable photos due to restraint of time within the week I will have to purely just stick to the SOA but anyway:

After more compiling within inDesign I have just noticed that I have completed 48 pages of photographs and sets of photographs. I have already nearly surpassed my original goal/milestone and it feels great, I want to do more and maybe hit 70-80 pages by Christmas. This could end up being huge.. I also asked a tutor if they would like to the photographed for the book etc. during class but they weren’t keen full stop sadly. Just some of the hurdles that comes along. Not all people like to be photographed which is completely fine.


In todays I.P we brainsztoned ideas for the group project and semi pitched them to each other. I landed on two ideas and have decided to stick with my clay workshop idea involving stop motion animation. It’s always a shame when the turnout is so low for a lesson as it feels much smaller than it normally is.

My first idea was making a short film based on pockets but wasn’t overly bothered about. Mainly due to it not being fully original.

The second idea was the clay animation, where each person can tell there own narrative through their own clay design in the form of a village. This will be the project I will powerpoint and pitch to the group as I think it has quite big potentinal for a good result in it’s entirety once filmed.

More photos taken today for 9am:


Bordering around 54 pages of good photos in the book now. The next step will probably be looking into how to print the book within the confines of the university and see if it’s possible with photo paper for a nice glossy book. I always loved how the front of the Aberystwyth university prospectus felt so I may try and enquire into that too as I want that nice feel on the top and back with glossy pages inside for the photos. If possible.

I enquired within my lecture with Chris in the Mac Suite about how to go about printing a book from indesign or illustrator. He pointed me to the website MIXAM:

The prices are reasonable and doesn’t cost too much for gloss printings for 1 book for the proposal. I will print the book to be shown at the proposal when it comes around.

The front page is still growing, not sure if this is final yet. This will most likely change in the long run as I think a better front cover is possible,


Overall this week has been a bit of disappointment for myself as I haven’t been able to get many photos due to other priorities with modules and coursework. Case in point on Wednesday which is usually my big day for photos upon reflection, I had to go to a field trip which lasted the rest of the day. Thursday was dedicated to photo printing for another module and so on..

As we head into reading week I have been reflecting on my first semester from last year and the amount I feel I have grown in terms of my projects since then. In semester 1 I settled on making a short film documenting the journey of how the rain touches the ystwyth river then how it joins the sea. This would include a more poetic standpoint on documentary filmmaking, which at the time I wasn’t fully aware of and was the first time at making, directing, scripting and editing a film.

Now upon reflection and looking at the video itself, I have fairly major reservations about it. Although it landed me a mark that I was extremely proud of, there definitely could of improvements which at the time I was new to the genre and wasn’t fully aware of the changes I should of made. Changes for instance include using my phone, whilst iPhones are fantastic for making short films and are actually quite capable if the technical aspects are known, they are not the best kit to use.

I also for some reason had a weird over reliance of the auto colour correction within the davinci resolve programme and made the film look way over exposed and sharp/over saturated. I will be re-releasing the film on YouTube with its original footage if all the clips are still available (these clips can range from 850mb to 1gb+ in size). Using the original color would of had a much more natural feeling without such an over processed feeling, the iPhone is also responsible for this too as back then you could not shoot in pro-res which is essentially RAW 4K footage ready for a programme.

I also would of changed the overall feeling of the film and would of started at devils bridge and documenting my own personal journey by walking the trails and marking a lot of what I felt, and what I could of stated as a ‘voice of god’ narration as I could of marketed it as my own personal journey with the rainfall and the river itself.

The shots (whilst looking at the film) I feel are actually fairly reasonable, although a bit rough in places. The music I wrote I have no quibbles with and actually like the piano segment a lot, my narration should of been recorded through my RODE condenser and not through my laptop mic which is surprisingly good but I could of gone the extra mile too.

Lastly it was also a lesson in knowing the limits of a project as well as if the scope is approachable. I have learnt not to be as ambition and understanding whether something is approachable and completable but also to a good standard. This approach is also noticeable with the footage I took for my first group project, which did in essence go extremely well and had major feedback for but also wasn’t fully complete as the footage is very on and off. This is down to the approach I used with the phone and choosing to use the Soddy room which (in hindsight) I should of used the other project room with the blank walls.


I actually forgot about a session I found from my RAW files on tuesday and have edited them and put into the book, these are from the SOA when I ventured into the common room, I particular like the ones where no one is in the frame or the room is empty:

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  1. A great post Mike, very positive and sincere. Great to read you reflecting on last years film project, even better to hear that you might re- release the original footage, I wonder if you will work on it again at some point?. its so important to re-visit earlier work, to mark our progress, we can only pitch ourselves againsit ourselves I think, this is the only measure that matters. Over time you will see qualities in everything you have done, and mistakes that you can become kind of fond of, generosity to ones former self is so important. The images form outside the room, through the window are especially compelling, truly capturing a moment that maybe didn’t know it was a moment, a moment that was not conscious of itself! Have I mentioned Christain Marclays masterpiece project ‘Clock’ to you? I will be showing it next semester.

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