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week 5

Paper bag, sweet potato and the Null Island

Week five was the progression of the previous week, week 4 

After spending just under one week with a sweet potato, recyclable paper bag and the concept of a null island I was directed to transfer my ideas and thoughts on a piece of paper laid on the floor in our Creative Arts studio. 

I started drawing again with very basic shapes to translate my vision onto this paper. My idea was losing the sense of time and living some moment of our lives without the illusion of it. By imagining this I could create the sense of null Island, a place that exists without an existence without any currency without any flag without any history without any army and without any time or dimensional space.


Experiencing this as sweet potatoes will give us the opportunity to see things from a different perspective or from the perspective of sweet potato. 

It was interesting to see other group members come up with very different and interesting ideas. 

Experimenting and exploring

Progress on my individual project

I’m trying different materials to patch CD covers together but not 100% satisfied So, I will keep looking for the right material also I have contacted some friends to help me out with modeling my project. 

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