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Week 5

This week, I lost my direction on my journey. I wasn’t sure where I would take this project, so I decided to do some more exploring through watercolour painting.

I tried not to think too much about making it perfect. I used different techniques like letting the water spill and dry over the sky to create clouds, blending the sea more cleanly, using flecks of white paint with a fan brush for the foam, and using dots of water (with paint) which I soaked up with a paper towel to create a stony shore.

Being relatively new to watercolour painting, I learned that you really have to be patient in letting the layers dry, otherwise colours will bleed. However, this could be a good effect when painting water.

I wanted a stormy effect with a purplish grey sky. On reflection, making the water such a saturated blue was probably not the most effective decision – it might have been better greyer and murkier.

In my Literature and the Sea module, we were looking at poetry surrounding the sea. These are some examples from my anthology that I found intriguing and thought provoking, and thought tied in with the theme of journey.

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