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Week 5

Working on a group project – continued.

If have to be honest, the more I am thinking about this project the more confused I become and the less I like it. The Null Island subject even if interesting, makes me feel stupid and lost. I do not feel good about it, but I will try to do my best with coming up with some ideas and improve the existing ones.

The number of school duties and personal problems plus extra hours at work make me feel exhausted. And guess what, it is only the beginning cause the next week I have 5 shifts :’). Thank you my dear ex-coworker who decided to quit her job <3 (I hope you can feel the sarcasm).

But back on topic, what I did for this class was bring a box full of the earth with organisms leaving in there, which I collected from my garden (do not worry I put them back in the previous spot, they are safe).

What did I want to do with it? I truly do not know.

I guess I was thinking of some kind of worm race so I put them on the paper, but I did not work.

However, I have made some videos of worms that were just moving, I find it hypnotizing and I could watch them for hours.

I just noticed that I did not explain to you my idea for the project. Sooooo, I was thinking about making a food war, with using food out of date that you would not eat anymore. I would happen on a big, white piece of paper, so the food would make a ‘painting’. Then we would collect the food and put it into the wormery (funny word) and worms would make compost of them. The null island could symbolise the wormery for our angry feelings, bad thoughts, etc.

So yeah, that is my idea. I know it is not the best one, but I was trying.

Additionally, I started experimenting with my own project, which is making a psychedelic video. I was using a car toy with GoPro stuck to the top of it. It looks pretty dope right? My own GRAVE DIGGER car.

I want to go all the way long through Aberystwyth’s promenade. I will explain the concept more in the next post.



You probably wondering how did it come out? I am dumb I took two photos of myself instead of videos of the promenade ;’). The beginning of faliures, stay tuned and wait for more :)))))))))))))). I was sure SURE that I was recording, but yeah Miranda sent me dwo photos of myself. I just laught when I saw it.

I look awful on the first one, had to cover my face :’).

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