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During this week I finally started filming. It was very exciting but it took a lot of hours. Involved in the filming was going from charity shop to charity shop buying the decorative objects needed to create the set. Apart from that I had to create the set and look at all the possible arrangements to decide which to go with before starting filming. This might seem like a short process but it took all in all two whole days of my weekend, which gave me a perspective of all the behind the scene jobs, effort and timing involved.

This are some photos that I took along the process of setting up:

Before starting the recording I also found necessary to talk through the whole script and film with Abidish, so that he understood everything that I wanted to transmit and could perform to the best of his abilities.

This are some photographs of the recording process:

After all the hard work this week I was very happy with the result as I went onto reading week with quite some footage that is already ready to be edited.


On Friday we had our IP weekly workshop, where we were given a cardboard box to develop our workshop idea and discuss it with Miranda. I copied Abidish and decided to use paint, which was a very freeing creative material. My final idea was to all create prints with paint trying to imitate the different things that I name, as for example a snail, using our bodies. After that we would leave all our abstract prints on the paper and leave the room. When we would come back we would all use someone else’s’ decontextualized print to draw a completely different thing on top with pens, only using the shapes of the paint but having no regard for its meanings. The third and final stage of the workshop would be to all seat together and comment about what we drew and what the paint shapes were actually at the beginning. The whole idea behind it being the way in which we as humans reinvent ourselves and the meaning of our realities everyday. The way in which we tray to make sense of our reality and make a human purpose out of it, and how therefore our lives are forever changing, recycling, flexible and up to us.

On the discussion with Miranda, she advised me to use different materials to really convey the never ending changing nature of life. It is true that paint and pen are pretty set in stone materials so I will have this advise in mind when creating my workshop proposal.

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