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Week 5

Interdisciplinary 5


A proper update on my project.

1 thought on “Week 5”

  1. Hi Mike, good to see your notebook up to date. Well done. In both week 4 and 5 you’re developing your idea well and are showing some good research. You’re citing your sources – well done, and doing some good analyse of your reading material. To develop, can you relate the sources you cite to your own practice? For example, how does Sutcliffe’s work relate to and shape your own? You have a clear idea which is interesting and well articulated. Moving forwards, leave time to reflect on your creative rationale. Why are you doing this? What is the significance of this project? Your practice based research is excellent and you’re reflecting well on what works well and doesn’t. You’re clearly in the production mode, which is good to see. Moving forwards, consider defining and discussing your key terms. What do you mean by liminality – whose work are you referencing when you define and use this term? Be sure to show research / reflection and experimentation. Make sure you plan in week 11 – this is the week you present your online notebook and is part two of the assessment – be sure to read the module handbook and intro slides closely. Overall, very good research and reflection, with excellent practice based research. Be sure to define and discuss your key terms; nostalgia, liminality, sound. Looking forward to seeing more next week and the following!

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