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WEEK – Reading week – Project update

Reading Week

In this blog post I will be updating and sharing my process of my personal project as I realised last semester I shyed away from posting every week as this is a personal confessional work. Yes when the project ends every part will be in display but updating every part every piece of writing is not something appeals to me yet as I am at my most vulnerable when writing.

In the first two week I recreated my installations with my current boxes and writing on some more pieces to fill the room out a bit more – The open walls and open boxes seem I wanted to showcase the interiors and create a bigger box to just experiment and push the project further

I moved further with this project by exploring time, by reflecting on my past present and future – I did read the Christmas carol again as the past present and future always takes me back to that novel. While reading I did feel I could relate to scrooge in certain ways being isolated from the world in my own shed felling alone – Scrooge felt like my spirit animals on days I couldn’t go to my studio and stay home during weekends or classes.

I was also inspired by one of my favourite romcoms from the Bollywood cinema called ‘OK JAANU’ and yes it’s a cheesy one but the characters of the old couple within the film show me and inspired me how the small things, acceptance, forgiveness help you – The relationship of the couple just contracting the modern couple show how important little things are? It was just refreshing to see such casting and be reminded of slow soft love in this fast paced tinder left and right swipe world.

Writing in my room

I also explored and created sample of what material to use on cardboard what looks the most effective and justifies

I found an artist online his take on time was different to mine but interesting to look at – If I had a hypothetical exhibition this semester I would have chosen him for the steps near SU – Just this photograph and a simple concept engaged me for ages

Néle Azevedo

She placed these miniature ice sculptures on the steps to melt them away. It was a creative artistic way of exhibiting and creating awareness regarding GLOBAL WARMING, melting of ice caps over the next years. Her work was environmental friendly and highly impactful

I will continue to look for boxes an I am more inspired by the reusable impact rather the aesthetics.

I am also reading a book everyday to enhance my thinking on these tops

This semester was a start and I decided to close my boxes, in a way make peace with my past lock away and keep my baggage away –

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