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Week 5


At the end of this week, I finally got to borrow equipment from the creative arts studio. I bought flowers, limes and blueberries and set up my still-life composition. I realized the execution of the time-lapse video unfortunately won’t be so easy. If you’re filming a time-lapse video over a couple of days- the first thing I should have is a camera that is non-stop connected to the source of energy (which wasn’t possible). Another problem is an interval- ideally, if you make a time-lapse video through a couple of days you would like to have one photo taken every 10 minutes- 24/7 for a week. In this camera, there is no option for that so I have to do it manually. While starting shooting there is another thing I realised- even though I have an artificial light set up, during different times of day the lighting in my room changes. So through all photos, the lighting will be slightly different- which is a problem if I want to make it look smooth. I can see two options going from that, I can try to heavily edit that (but I still don’t believe it will be perfect) or I can just own that and make it a part of my project. Miranda in one of the tutorials asked me to make it somehow more mine. So the viewer would realise that there is a part of me. With different lighting, shoot it in a different part of the day and try to make it work with my schedule. I think that’s what gives it this personal touch. I can’t take make photos 24/7, I make them when I’m at home, in between my lectures, my work and my bedtime. It’s not fully consistent because my life isn’t. So the project shows my day, my time, when I have time to shoot and to work, in between all other stuff that has to be done. But at the same time, it allows me to slow down, to take a second, to appreciate something beautiful. So I’m not sure how exactly it will turn out, it can be something great but it can be also a big disappointment. I will take photos for at least a week and at the end, I can see how it will all turn out.


Unfortunately, I missed this week’s brainstorming session because I wasn’t feeling too well. I did read the handout though and I like the idea of now. The perception that what’s real is now. I think everyone is so always focused on the past or future and problems related to it that we tend to forget about what’s important – NOW. I especially tend to overthink everything, I get lost in my thought, in my anxieties and the problems from the past and plans for the future. I forget that what’s important is this moment that I’m living in. I can’t change the past and I cannot predict the future, so the only thing I can do is focus on this moment and enjoy it.
I don’t have a clear idea for my proposal for the group project but I think I would like to do something related to still-life compositions.


Another thing that I’m starting to think about is how to display my work. I don’t want it to be just a video. This video is just a starting point. From that, I want to create an installation. I want to project this video but I don’t want it on a flat surface, I want to add some more layers, and make it more alive. I was thinking about my project from the previous semester when I was using tissue paper and when a projection caught and displayed itself on pieces of paper it looked very interesting.
So I think I can either use tissue paper or see-through fabric to display it. I’m also thinking about using more than one projector, to kind of surround the viewer with images.
As part of this installation, I also want to put the plinth with my composition but empty -without flowers and fruit.
Here are some installations and projection ideas that I like.

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