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During this week’s workshop, we were asked to look into the materiality of our project and what had we done with it so far, not what we wanted it to be or what it didn’t turn up, but what NOW is there to show. This was a good exercise at this point in the semester as we encounter ourselves in the middle of it and it keeps us on track with our progress. We were asked to write it down on rolls of counter paper, which created long thin expressions of our projects. This process made me realize the longness of my project so far, so as I started thinking about where it was that I started producing it, and somehow, in my head, I had already started it at the end of last year, before the summer. This thought gave me an insight into how this project is apart from merely an artistic outcome of my time, an archive of my personal development through the span of a year, which I will always have with me. Within the photograms and sounds, this movie keeps the emotions and experiences that have solidified it and brought it together in the end.

After a deep look into our projects, we were asked to brainstorm our idea for next week’s workshop proposal, and being very conscious of my project after my thinking through it got me to the conclusion that I will pitch a workshop centered around a nut and the interaction of my classmates with it.


During this week I have continued with the editing of my film and taking notes through out. I deleted the shower and bathroom scenes as I talked about on the last post. This week I have put all the separetly edited videos into one to start working the editing between them. This has proven to be a harder task than I expected as it has turned out to be much harder to make every scene run smoothly onto the next than I thought, making me reconsider re shooting some scenes again.

I have created a board with all the diferent scenes where I write down the editing needed in each one, and therefore were I can keep track of all this needed to do in one page.

During this week I focused on the edition of the notebook scenes, which although being outside I still want to keep, so I was brainstorming how to take in my friends critiques whilst still keeping these scenes. I first edited them separately, which was how I was going to show them initially, one after the other. But there was something about it that didn’t capture the power of it completely, I wanted them to be long takes but not unconnected.

First I created a compilation of options from the initial beach scenes, where option after option I shortened the footage shown and changed its order:

After this experimentation I tryed an option were all the notebook scenes would be mixed. I was only doing it as an experiment but it turns out I really like the outcome:

After showing both options to my friends they told me that they also prefered the option with all the scenes mixed, but that they didn’t like the close an dcrooked shots within it. Finally they also gave me the advice of reshooting the final scene as its very wobly.

I have decided then to spend my next weekend rerecording the inititial scene, were I will record all the shots of Abidish getting nervous before it starts separetly to later merge them together in one collage scene. And also rerecording the final scene were the notebook falls into the water. I also want to enlage the number of shots involved in the final composition of the notebook scenes and look into the editing of teh falling scenes.

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