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Week 5

The main goal of this week was to continue developing my individual project as well as preparing my group project proposal.

Group project

I have really enjoyed exploring and being naturally creative with this brief. I have based the group project from the research in the workshop, here is powerpoint proposal in which i experiment and some reflection. I feel that my project hasn’t been rushed and i have taken my time to develop a fun idea. In criticism i didn’t included the null island side if the project and i possibly could of developed this in further.

Individual project.

For this week i have continued my memory drawings as always, now doing at least one drawing a day instead of only one. Starting from top left ive included pictures of my memory sketches, its been quite a bad week for me with my anxiety making it hard to leave my room. Because of this several of my sketches are just of my bed and these are the days i only made one entry. However some days when i went out i posted several entries such as friday, i had a promise to go for dinner and watch the fireworks with my girlfriend. Whats interesting about this day is i really struggled to remember my girlfriends facial expression yet i remember the many fancy lamps behind us an the shape of the buildings from Tesco carpark roof.

In review I like that my book is starting to fill up more and im hoping by the time i present my work it will be completely full. One question i am asking myself is if i should put the date on the sketches, this may help build structure and maybe give more of an insight into my life, maybe i will edit this in during reading week.

Ive also been thinking more about how i want to display this piece, do i wish to have an installation in one place? multiple places? What kind of places? How will i do this? Do i need permission? Who will see my work? Do i want to document opinions?
To ans some of these questions ive begun looking at installations. one i felt couldnt have a picture of was simon lovermsn, handwerk – songs for my fathers- this piece included him playing the piano the songs themselves explored emotional documentation through themes of grief and joy. Looking at this in regards to my project makes me think abiut how i can show my deeper feelings to an audience.

Suspended objects by Hassan Sherif- the use of things i can find-creating a sculpture out of something small- could i do this with my book?

Explosive lights- Adela Andea- looking at how light cam dramatise and create new shapes- contrast- how can i make my own work dramatic?

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