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Week 5

This week we also have some kind of brainstorming workshop, but it looked different than Tim’s one. Miranda at the beginning gave us bags with compost that we could play with it. If we wanted we could put our hands in there if not it was fine to just touch it through the bag. I obviously put my hands in there (In the past I was the dirty and free type of kid so it reminded me of that time) and started fidgeting with it. I crashed bigger pieces between my fingers and I just simply enjoyed the feeling of compost in my hands. It was a very calming and soothing experience and we could connect more with nature through this activity. I like to keep my hands busy when I’m listening to something that’s why I liked it a lot. Then we had a chance to try caramelized ginger – I had it many times before because my friend gave me a whole bag of it when I had a cold. I have to admit it was delicious, but the taste of it is very unique, spicy but sweet but also with a lot of aromas. The next thing was a leaf of a herb that I don’t remember the name of. I smelled kind of lemon-ish maybe… or another kind of citrus, but with a hint of earth and plant. I think I’ve never smelled it before so it was surprising.

Then we meditated for a bit. I’ve heard that others did it in their first year, but I was in my gap year at that time so I haven’t experienced it. It was a mediation to connect us with the ground where we are now. I find it an amazing experience. I haven’t been thinking about anything during it, and when we were done I opened my eyes so relaxed. It helped me a lot to clear my mind and get ready to start working with a forest mind.

The next thing that happened was grabbing a receipt paper roll, that we used to write down our thoughts about the current state of our work. What can we do with it at this moment, what would happen if we would have to create a project only based on what we have right now? I was writing like crazy: random words, something that I like about it, the way how it feels (I’m talking about the mask) how did it feel to create it. What is it shaped like, and all the sensory feelings. Even if we didn’t have a lot prepared, we had an opportunity to write something about it that could help us realise its nature of it.

After this exercise, we were supposed to come up with a group workshop idea that we would prepare for the next class. We also had to write it down, but I’m not going to lie to you It was hard for me to write something about it. I had no clue what the workshop could be. You probably will think – if it’s connected to your project, you should make people do a plaster cast of masks of their faces. And yeah you have a good point I also thought about this then, but then second thoughts came. Firstly, there’s a huge possibility that we won’t have enough time to do it because the process of drying can take some time. Secondly, a plaster cast can harshly dry skin, so if someone has skin issues, it can make it even worse. And thirdly, not everyone will feel comfortable coming to class without makeup to do it – u have to be barefaced because your skin has to be clean to do it or your makeup will be ruined. So Miranda advised me to use other mediums to do a memorial of me and my classmates. We could use paint, pencils, charcoal, clay – basically anything to create a portrait of another person. We would put the vision of the other person at this exact moment on the canvas. It would picture us – how we looked on our third, or maybe second or first at Aberystwyth University. The way we look now will be immortalized.

For my personal project, I bought things that I need which are liquid silicone (2kg) and casting powder (10kg). I want to make a final version of the mask, then make a mould out of it, and then use casting powder to do multiple them. I am aware that there’s a huge change that I’ll have to buy more casting powder, but after making a couple and figuring out how many I need I will purchase more. Also when it comes to attaching it to the walls of the lift, I think I could use gorilla mounting tape. I also can try to attach a fishing line to the rows of masks and then attach it like this to walls.

Now, I’m just waiting for the delivery, and I am ready to start! Wish me luck!!!

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