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Week 5


During this week I thought more carefully about the structure of my project and I’m trying to organise it better. I’m trying to divide all of the themes for each week.

  1. Nature (week 2)
  2. Architecture/buildings (week 3)
  3. People/ street photography (week 4)
  4. Home (week 5)
  5. Family (week 6)
  6. Interiors (week 7)
  7. Self-portraits (week 8)

I think it will give me a body of work that I can choose from. And also I think it’s nice to have a structure that you can come back to.

From the theme of each week, I will choose one photo and develop it. 

When I will have the developed photos I need to think about how to exhibit them. 

One of the ideas is to hang the developed photos on the wall and collect all of the scanned photos into a slideshow/film and project it into the wall. So it would create a connection between each other and the meaning of selection. With that during the tutorial with Miranda, we were talking about maybe adding some narrative to my work. A spoken or recorded narrative isn’t my thing and it seems a little bit too performative for me but I was thinking about a written narrative, maybe adding to the slides or maybe writing it separately. I’m not sure yet about that but I think I will start collecting my thoughts in a notebook and see where it will take me. 

Here are the scanned photos from last week with the topic street photography/people theme. I’m not really happy about them, just like last week I have a problem with this camera, the quality of the photos is very poor and I never had such problems with the cameras that I used before. I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know if I should keep going or think about changing the project. I like the idea and how consistent this project is. And to be fair I have one nice photo from each week that I could develop and also developing them will make them look better. For now, I will just continue doing what I’m doing and see how it goes. 


In this week’s workshops, we brainstorm individual ideas for the group project. We all had an empty box that was ready to be filled with ideas. The starting point of the brainstorming was last week’s cooking workshop so going from there I had an idea mostly related to colours, food and origami. The idea is: 

  1. To get inspired by fruit- have a tasting. See, taste, touch, smell and explore the fruits. Think about colour, texture and patterns. 
  2. With these images in your mind, we would go to the project room and have 4 tables with 4 canvases. Then turn the inspiration into work- paint and draw. The fruit is supposed to be the beginning of the inspiration and you never know where it will take you. The artwork can be as abstract or as realistic as you want. Rotate, move, change tables, angles or don’t change anything- total freedom. 
  3. After that, we would get back to the studio and wait for the paint to dry. At this time we could watch something educational- about fruit or origami. 
  4. At the end, we would make big origami sculptures from the colourful paper and then install them. 

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