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Week 5

The planning workshop

To start this workshop we looked around and were sitting in middle of laid out, lit boxes. The room felt warm and welcoming

We started the session off by obserserving and feeling like a box. Envisioned ourselves to be one.

I personally felt like an amazon box delivered to a wrong door and being thrown from one end to the other. The stress has been piling up but I’m trying to still move to reach a destination

My idea for the workshop

Material needed

Chairs, cushions, boxes, lights, lamps, pens, markers, balloons, speakers, coloured lights


EVERYDAY – Looking at ups and downs in our every day’s.. we’ve got our high and lows. we do thing’s we’re proud of/ ashamed of. We create walls around us to guard ourselves but at times these are the walls stopping us to achieve ourselves.

In this workshop we will look understand, appreciate our flaws as our imperfections are a part of us that make us unique.

Part 1 (approx. 10-15)

We will start with a meditation workshop where we might look at ourselves, close our eyes, lie down just spend some time with ourselves and observe

We will come back answer a few questions such as what we did? How? Observations? Emotions we went through and more..

Part 2 (approx. 40 minutes)

Project room

We will go in the project room, the way will be guided by Satan. The boxes there will be our walls… we will write and fill the space up with words notes describing our emotions… this can be done in groups too. (Noises in the background, heavy music and more)

Part 3 (approx. 40 minutes)

Eyes are shut the environment of the project room changes through light and sounds

We cut up parts and add lights below them and create an installation together.

Part 5 (approx. 20 minutes)

We end the workshop with a reflective session via holding a water balloon and do the exercise while holding the balloon to feel a physical weight.

Part 6

Smash the balloon and group conversations


Time can be tweaked during the workshop, leaving time to clean up.

There will be a break between 2 and 3 – 15 minutes or so

Dressing up as the theme will add to the experience

Regarding the meditation or music open to suggestions

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