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week 5

This week I haven’t attended class, because I felt pretty bad. Fresher’s flu in early November? Maybe

I know that others brainstormed ideas for the group project as always in week 5. Weronika told me they used boxes and wrote their ideas on them this time. That’s a creative way to transfer your thoughts I think – something different, something OUT OF THE BOX ;)))))

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any plain boxes in my home – I only have milk and takeaway ones…

That actually inspired me a little…

What if in the group workshop we would collect some food in packages from our houses and we would bring them to the class? The whole project room would be covered in the white paper. Our task would be present our products and we could talk about them with others. For example, I would bring a bar of chocolate with nuts inside. It’s one of my favourite sweets – why? Maybe I have a history to tell you about it? Maybe I just like it? We could have many interesting conversations about food and not only food. Then we would transfer every text from the packages onto the paper on the walls. Would it still be encouraging? Would we be interested in buying these if it was only plain text on the package? How do big corporations works and how do they make packages more appealing to customers? What is consumption? Maybe we would start thinking more about these subjects, maybe we would reflect on our purchases.

About the project… there were some more problems.

Firstly: I talked with Chris and he advised me to go with the substitute of presenting my project, which is as I wrote in the last post – taking screenshots of the 3d model every day and posting it in the notebook. For the end, I’ll create a video of the rotating room, which will change with every rotation. Well, there is a saying in polish ” Jeśli nie ma ci się lubi, to się lubi co się ma” which means the same as “Beggars can’t be choosers”. Now I have to go with the flow you know 😉

But! I had some serious problems that I thought will destroy my project. So… I couldn’t edit the model properly in the blender. No wait, I could edit it but I couldn’t save it. That’s what I mean. There was an error I wasn’t able to fix every time I tried to save the file. So I couldn’t save the model with changed colours. My flatmate who’s studying Comp-Sci had no idea what’s the problem so yeah, I was super stressed. I’m still not sure what I will do but I am trying to figure out how to make it works.

For my research, I look up the most popular I think 3D artist.

Mike Winkelmann

He’s an American digital artist, graphic designer and animator, who is known for selling NFT. I am not the biggest fan of the whole NFT idea, but let’s not focus on this. I find his style super unique. It’s giving me a futuristic Dali-like style vibe. Weird pictures created by using 3d models are something that it’s very different from my project but nevertheless absolutely inspiring. The vision of being this good at manipulating shapes and having so good technique is so unreal to me. The artist has created a drawing every single day for over 13 years already (you can check them on the second link I put under his name). He started with pen and paper first, but now he mostly uses computers to create his works. here is an interesting interview with him that is worth reading!

This post is short cause I am not feeling the best right now 🙁

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