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Harleys Russia. don’t be ignorant and bigoted. superficial wokeness.

No Harleys

At harleys normal club night

I’m at edge and wanna go to floor 

Second person joins

They talk about why they’re in the club 

(The music wouldn’t stop but maybe have it stop and have the people dancing, but yeah need an Ensemble of 8-10 peeps at least, actually dancing would be interesting and easy. Choreograph it

And have bouncer played by Conrad and/or Tom, Hannah, David, Meidbh, get them

“I just wanna sit”

“You can’t sit, sleep, be different, wear trainers, maybe we’ll through you out if you kiss a person your same gender, and then will give you a friendly grin in gay clubs”

  • Heavy

I just need a moment with him here. Just to remember, even though there’s a quite a few things to remember, there’s not enough, I feel it be small special but it’s still special. Jealous of other people’s special, because I see it as more seismic.

“I heard you on the wacky backy Richard”

And now I feel so numb in this Pressure/Club.

I still don’t quite understand/fathom how everyone knows these lyrics so well.

I’m hungry.

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