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week 4 workshop one

I attended both workshops this week and it was emotional and intense. The second workshop was more relaxed (group 2 workshop).  

Pictures of workshop one (Group 1 and 2) 

I was invited to give 10 minutes long talk in each workshop and I talked about my own experiences of being a refugee. 

Picture of my talk note  

This year, both topics HOME for the individual project and refugees, homeless and displacement for the group project are very close and sentimental to me. 

Screenshot of UNHCR Refugees Instagram account 

I’m thinking about creating a performance piece to raise awareness about these issues. 

My idea is portraying the loss, the chaos, the pain, the crisis within the body when someone becomes a refugee or asylum seeker. 

Pictures of experimentation: 

Identity crisis, alone, still standing but lost. 

I am attending workshops on the side to gain knowledge about how to get jobs as an artist. 

Screenshots of Big Ideas Wales workshop  

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