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Week 4 – Will it work or am I overthinking?


Starting this week off in a more different direction when it comes to the photography. I managed to snap another person up for the book for 1pm:

I have also started to be more experimental when it comes to the times of the day, like the last week. So I started taking photos of the School itself at certain times to have even deeper contrast between times:

Whilst the camera battery was out of the action, I tried using my phone too:

Phone cameras are incredible but feel overly processed but I can’t deny the quality comes out outstanding.


Even though I’ve had extremely positive feedback about my progress so far from my peers, it’s always interesting when your work has been made to feel that it’s not good enough or lacks certain qualities. It’s almost as though I have hit a creative block even though I started off so enthusiastically about it and have been enjoying the process of the photography… Maybe tomorrow I’ll start to feel normally about it again when I take more.

Whilst I was focusing on the book today I realised as I went through the pages that inserting photos of the school or art and potentially PW could not only make the meat of the book more versatile but show the side of the everyday that isnt just people but the surroundings too. This should encourage me to take more photography of the university too.

@Adobe inDesign


Today we carried out cooking within the class today, an interesting concept how a work of art can be but just people in the room doing something together; my favourite parts were how we all looked like we were moulding together whilst preparing the food etc. It was also interesting gathering photos of people from outside of the class too.

A lot of photos were taken today of the class, below are some examples:

Afterward I carried on my main project for this semester. Again a lot were taken and this page would be swamped if I uploaded everything, below are further results:

Once I eventually got home around 4pm I power napped then carried on the book, thankfully InDesign isn’t as laggy today and was more of a breeze than normal. The book is carrying on with it’s bulking and there’s a lot of meat within it.


Looking back this week I feel I have continued further into the project with more takes on the photographic world as planned, there are more shots, different angles and I’ve tried to capture different forms of emotion within the building and the people. Next week should carry on this tradition more when it comes to photographing more people.

Artist Research:

Dead Ends Died out, Examined, 1993 
Damien Hirst

Damien has created a piece that from a long distance could be completely different from what it is if you are unaware of the source (cigarette ends) and is visually striking. An almost labyrinth type of work, created in the years 1993 and 2008 from the sires of five “Cigarette Cabinets”. His works are an interest take on the themes of death, spanning from purgatory to the abyss with suffocation added too whilst also referring to love. His work has been featured in the “Agony and Ecstasy” exhibition at the Songeun Artspace, located in Seoul in the year of 2011.

This work stood out to me from the pure hollowness it conveyed to me, there is some density in the frame but also nothing, like how a cigarette can be something then literally burn away to nothing, eventually becoming meaningless.

Dead Ends Died Out, Examined
Damien Hirst
1993, 2008

Storage Memory
Christian Boltanski

In 2018, Christian Boltanski created an installation provoking the boundaries of what we feel when it comes to the form of visual, aural, and psychological. Whilst being an experience with pure immersion in mind.

When looking at storage memory, like Damien Hirst’s work, I feel again this sense of emptiness and a link to death when it comes to tower of clothes etc. There is a big sense of death within these two works but extremely different in the way they come across. For instance, cigarette ends are a choice when it comes to willpower and the mind but the installation that Christian created challenges the mind to think in another way. On how items can be forgotten but still linked to the person who died.

Christian shaped the practise of minimalism with his works and installations and shaped the way we look at this type of work to this day.

Storage Memory, Part 1
Christian Boltanski

1 thought on “Week 4 – Will it work or am I overthinking?”

  1. lots of stunning photos, really sensitive, quiet, secret almost, more of a sense of stealing, finding the image. The book is coming together beautifully. I think the images of the spaces, the building, the in between spaces and in between moments work very well, in contrast to the shots of the people, the building is becoming a character, rightly so it is a very strong and even dominating character. Bachelard’s ‘Poetics of Space’ might be a good read for you as you enter more deeply into capturing the qualities of the space.

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