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Week 4 – The Traveller and Frozen Time


An idea I have is to give some focus/experimentation back towards my great grandad’s memoirs and the two great wars. The film will now use that as the centre piece, with some music created in reaction over the top of public use footage of the wars with myself green screened in as if Im viewing but can’t comprehend what it would actually be like. Gravitating towards the disconnect modern people can have when it comes to those types of warfares.



Caspar David Friedrich

Today’s I.P lesson saw us doing some meditations and pouring our thoughts and potential group project idea onto a till roll. Was a nice idea and an interesting change to the blank A4 paper. The feeling of the soil was also nice at the beginning, the main reaction I had from it was the actual temperature of the soil being cold, made it feel really substantial to the feeling. There was also ginger gums, nice!

I also saw the till roll as a sort of clock that unravels, with a skeleton base act the back and a clock face at the front.

So we’re moving onto week 4 or week 5 technically, I still get confused sometimes with that but I’m thinking there is some movement in ideas or plainly just trying things out. The green screen experiments will commence this week and by the end of this week and then by the end of next week I will know exactly what I wish to propose. Today I have been just drawing from the mind and based on past brainstorms and seeing if anything comes out nice.

The first drawing is resonating with me more, the 2nd I have basically given up on due to amount of detail, will probably finish off at some other point. But the first drawing again, I like the way time effects the plant and makes it grow – maybe this could turn into a selection of artworks to exhibit?


The more I draw the more a world comes to mind – I have been transported to this world where time is frozen, it can’t move and everything is suspended in motion. Upon searching this land, I start to make field sketches as the only thing I have with me is a sketchpad and some fine-liners. I then stumble across this weird mechanical device, it’s open and has a metallic feel to it, what foes this device do? We are yet to find out.. I also start to make sketches of my surroundings and start to learn what had happened here.


Takeover meeting was great – looking forward to being on the front desk team, will see what evolves from the idea spoken about today.

Tonight helms more drawing, what does the traveller come across as he traverses the world? Maybe a cave..who knows what is in store. But the drawings are coming together, the way I will exhibit the experience will probably involve a star projection with audio recordings from myself talking from the point of view of the traveller etc.

Crystal Cave

These drawings may not all go through to the field sketchbook of the traveller, but will all be part of B roll and the build up to the project as a whole. The best drawings I will probably either blow or scan then blow up for exhibiting on the wall. Either way the process is enjoyable and I’m liking the way the drawings feel linked. Usually I wouldn’t draw straight from the mind but stuff is coming out at the moment which is awesome!


It has been a week of revolutions, from the weeks of trying out different things and laying out different concepts, I decided to start literally just drawing in a sketchbook. What started of from a couple of drawings of a flower over time evolved into a world that I wish to create – a world where time is frozen and the sketchbook is all that the traveller has (and a fine liner of course).

This world has some rules that the traveller must follow but will find out by accident, for instance the world acts in its own way when it comes to time, some things grow, some things don’t. The same goes for the elements. This theory for the world isn’t final, I’m just going along with whatever comes into my head when it comes to the drawings, the story will follow – this isn’t a planned process.

Below are some fireflies I drew, they have light crystals for wings and they’re lower torso is an illuminated crystal but their food is a crystal substance they extract from the caves, the traveller notices these and uses them as a light source at night, though dim, they are beautiful.


Once the fireflies are captured they illuminate the bottles the traveller has found rather well.

I’m thinking that at the exhibition I will use these as props around the room to emphasise the presentation of the world, alongside crystals etc…and yes I made these bottles myself from used rum bottles and led corkstoppers, neat huh?

I love the look of the School of art, I’m thinking I might include the the observation tower within a drawing? I’m going to try this with the sights I see with a camera as the weeks go along. I’ve always loved the tree outside the school too.

The plans for the following weeks is to not plan but to just keep drawing from my mind, I do have to think of the projection I wish to use on the ceiling or a wall at the takeover to breathe life into the concept.

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