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This weeks workshop was led by Tim where we brought back something from our homes to the class and talk about it’s significance – exercise.

The workshop was creating something with the following

  • A plastic box
  • seeds
  • paper
  • pens
  • creativity

As my project has been exploring myself and expressing through language I decided to create a time capsule for myself and write a letter that I would open when the sunflower grows into a sampling and needs to be changed into a bigger pot

I started to write a letter accepting and showing love to my future self, I started the letter describing what I could see and smell – I could smell Nescafe roasted coffee with hints of peppermint – I could hear Saad walking outside – Dee Sofia and abidish talking and laughing – Tim saying it’s up to you its your project – Richard walking in asking if I will work in the kitchen. I could feel the coolness from the kitchen slabs, I remember I could still taste the pizza by boyfriend got me to my studio cause I hadn’t eaten with a coffee as surprise I could still feel the smile on my face. i spoke to my mum and dad and witnessed the cutest argument for 40 minutes regarding a cards game and who got how many many points. With all this energy and emotions I felt overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with happiness of how and where I am.. I proceeded myself to remind myself my achievements my joys and things to look forward to and not look back and keep going and keep achieving.

Workshop documented – It was a good experience but as I was under the impression it was a workshop while we create and can see the work develop at the end I was made aware of the return of plastic box lids and I had to deconstruct my entire project as the letter was inside the plant and I was going to open and share my letter when there is a sapling and I am in need of a bigger pot – Approx. time was when my parents arrive for my graduation. So to end the class and the week I was unsatisfied as someone threw my letter away I had to dismantle the whole project for the plastic container.
While writing the letter I was moved by the emotions and while taking it out I felt completely opposite.

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