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WEEK – 4 – The EveryDay

The art of performing cooking

” Tiravanija is best known for his intimate, participatory installations that revolve around personal and shared communal traditions, such as cooking Thai meals, that are, in the words of curator Rochelle Steiner, “fundamentally about bringing people together.”1 At the forefront of the shift in avant-garde art practices in the 1990s away from traditional art objects and toward “relational aesthetics” that incorporate diverse cultural spaces, practices, and temporalities, Tiravanija has continually challenged and expanded the social dimension of art, inviting people from all walks of life to inhabit the special and personal spaces that he constructs and to communally engage in shared rituals and actions. Through his real-time experiences, Tiravanija often addresses broader social and political concerns, such as protest movements against the Thai government, that go largely unaddressed in Western media. Over the course of his thirty-year career, he has also come to incorporate into his art and installations a wide variety of media, including painting, printmaking, video, photography, mixed-media assemblage, and music.”(david Zwirner website)

This week was the best one for me.

As earlier we had a festival back home – Diwali

Celebrated with friends family – Celebrating love joy happiness togetherness

This workshop held that for me.

It started with having our work stations and teaming up to perform tasks – Some held more work and needed more hands than the other So all tasks were sort of performed by everyone. For me this workshop was something molre – It helped me connect and not feel so homesick later – The love and warmth I felt with everyone around – Cooking the curry with saad – ‘fried veegetables’ .. ( more to type)

It was a chaos of laughter and love.

A video I was unable to embed due to rights.

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  1. Beautiful page of photos Nidhi, love the one of Phil coming in! but where is your experimentation and research this week? What is happening I wonder? after your lightbulb moment last week?

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